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    Cell & Pack Factory Workshop

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Possessing multiple patents, certificates, and inspection reports

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Energy Storage Battery Production Line

Achieving efficient and intelligent production

An automated production line can enhance production efficiency by operating at higher

speeds with greater precision. Additionally, it utilizes sensors and monitoring systems to

achieve real-time monitoring and control of product quality

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Top Professional Manufacturer in China,Unique Design Innovative Products

Shenzhen Wic-power New Energy co.,Ltd is the subsidiary company of Mic-power, Wic-power has been focusing on home battery energy system, industrial and commercial high voltage system,advanced automatic assembly line, experienced team committed to providing first-class products and services.

Guangdong Mic-power New Energy co.,Ltd is a leading solutions provider of small lithium polymer rechargeable batteries used in smart wearable and TWS-class audio devices.

Mic-power is a technology-driven company striving to provide the world’s most advanced rechargeable batteries. We hold a portfolio of patents for our standard battery models, which include coin cell, cylindrical cell, pin cell and surface mount technology cell batteries. Our fully automated manufacturing infrastructure can produce 500,000 batteries per day while ensuring quality through automation and testing, our sales value is the No.1 in China, No. 2 in the world.

Guangdong Wic-power New Energy Co.,Ltd.
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